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Vehicle Takeover. | Simplified

Since 2008, AutoGroup Vehicle Rescue has become a nationally-based vehicle take over company founded to assist clients in selling or purchasing a vehicle without the hinders of past mishaps and without the red tape.

Owned and managed by a team of vehicle sales and financial industry experts, this specialised vehicle take over company prides itself on transparency with the aim of guaranteeing exceptional service and  customer satisfaction.

At AutoGroup Vehicle Rescue we have partnered with leading tracking and insurance companies to offer all our clients peace of mind knowing that their vehicle is safe in our hands.

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At AutoGroup Vehicle Rescue we now offer bonds to clients with clean ITC records

Why Choose AutoGroup Vehicle Rescue?

All our vehicles are fitted with a Netstar Safe & Sound unit.

  • We source the perfect client for your vehicle
  • We manage your vehicle until it is refinanced or the balance is settled, as well as the transfer process
  • We ensure all monthly instalments are paid over to the vehicle owner or finance house
  • We ensure that insurance is in place at all times
  • We manage the annual license renewal process
  • We conduct vehicle inspections every 60 to 90 days
  • We conduct regular Tracker checks to monitor vehicle usage
  • We issue breaches if the vehicle is not paid on time
  • We assist in getting client to pay any fines that occurs


You get all this for a nominal fee of R200-00 per month or R2400-00 per year

As the trusted name in vehicle takeover, the AutoGroup Vehicle Rescue team adheres to strict payment rules as stipulated in each contract.

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