About AutoGroup Vehicle Rescue

AutoGroup Vehicle Rescue is a specialised vehicle takeover company founded by Laurell Pelser. With extensive vehicle sales and financial knowledge, AutoGroup became a market leader in the specialised field of lease agreement takeovers.

The company is built around transparency from which sound advice and information is given to anyone interested in exiting their current vehicle lease, hassle-free. The team of highly experienced and knowledgeable individuals ensure that each client is handled in a manner that guarantees peace of mind.

What Makes Us Different?

Established in 2008, AutoGroup Vehicle Rescue has grown to a national business which manages over 180 vehicles with a total value of over R30 million on a monthly basis. We are able to offer complete peace of mind. Whether you require assistance from an agent or would like to speak to the owners, we are always available.

We deliver on our promise – See what our clients had to say!

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